Friday, June 29, 2012

1 year old update

Did I really just type that? 1 year old! Even though it's already been 2 weeks since Reagan's 1st birthday, I still cannot believe she is already 1 year old.  Time really goes too fast.  Here is what she is up to as a 1 YEAR OLD...

cooking with Mommy

riding in her new car

sidewalk chalk


Rocking and Reading

Sand play time

Morning Cartoons



Park fun

Loves books!

Water Play

Reagan and I have enjoyed our first month home together this summer.  I can already start to tell that August is going to be hard for the both of us.  At least she will be with some of her little friends at PCA, which will be a lot of fun for her!

Her little personality is really starting to come out.  This month I have learned...

-Reagan loves to eat.  The Dr. said it's not that she is obsessed with food she is just enjoying new tastes and flavors.

-She loves all of her blankies.  She might have 2 in her hand, but you better not think twice about saying one of them is "yours".

-Reagan is addicted to her paci.  My plan for the summer was to try to get her to just using the paci for nap and night time, but as her molars have been coming in, she likes to have the paci for comfort.  Plus, my Mom said it might be best if we just quit it cold turkey when we do take it away.

-I'm starting to see a preview of what the "terrible two's" are going to be like.  Our sweet girl can have a temper sometimes.  Especially now that she wants to be more independent.  We're having to learn what she wants to do herself.

-She can be a little daredevil.  Now that she has two rocking chairs she likes to climb up and stand in them. She also likes to climb onto furniture.

-Reagan likes to cuddle more the older she gets.  Give her a paci and blankie when she is sleepy and she will sit for a long time in your arms.

-We took her to the doctor on June 18 and found out she is 31 inches and weighs 23 lbs.  Far cry from our 5 lb 10 oz baby girl that she was at birth.

-She is saying "dada", "hi", "doh"(dog), 'bubu" (our nickname for Hector is "BuhBuh"), "nana" and "mama".

-No official walking yet, but she stands unassisted for a while.  If I am close by she will take one small step towards me and then fall into my arms.  Yea, I could be upset that she isn't walking yet because some babies her age are walking, but I know every baby develops on their own time.  I know when she starts walking, life will get even busier!

It's been a FUN summer so far and I know even more fun times are ahead...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Eve!

As I sit here on the night before your 1st birthday, I am overcome with so many emotions (anticipation of your special day, excitement for the journeys we will have over the next year, nostalgia for the tiny little miracle you were at birth, pride as I watch you develop and grow right before my eyes, and so much happiness having you in our life).  I can't help but think about exactly what I was doing at this moment last year.  At this moment last year, I had no idea how the next 24 hours would unfold...

Your PaPa had started a new job that had him traveling more during the week.  He was working for a few weeks in Charlotte, so he decided to stay with us while he was working there.  We jokingly told KayKay she was going to have to drive to RH all by herself if you decided to come while PaPa was here.  Your MawMaw also told us for several weeks that she just new that you were going to be born on a full moon. It was almost as if we all knew you would come at 37 weeks and 6 days.

While PaPa was staying with us, I cooked dinner for us.  I made this new recipe that I had found that had lower sodium (the Dr. said it would help with swelling).  It was okay, not great though.  After dinner, we watched a little tv, but nothing good was on it seemed.  We all ate an ice cream sandwich before bed.  We went to bed around 10:30, PaPa slept on an air mattress in the living room.  I laid in the bed, but couldn't go to sleep, mostly because I was very uncomfortable.

After laying there for about an hour, I decided to get out of bed so I didn't keep your Daddy up.  I went and laid on the floor in your room.  While laying there my water broke (I will explain that to you a LONG way down the road).  I woke your Daddy up and we rushed around to get to the hospital.  We woke PaPa up and all climbed into the Explorer.  PaPa called KayKay to tell her she was going to have to make the journey to RH by herself.  Your Daddy called MawMaw, GrandDaddy, and Uncle Cory.  GrandDaddy was in Greenwood for the night, so he would be driving 2 hours to get to the hospital.  MawMaw and Uncle Cory didn't believe him at first.  It was after midnight by this point. I could go into detail about these conversations (quite humorous), but I will let them tell you one day.

Your Daddy sped to the hospital and even put on the flashers.  When we got to the hospital, Uncle Cory and Aunt Kristin were already there.  They lived farther from the hospital than us.  I still don't know how they made it there so fast.  Once we get to the hospital and they check everything out, we find out my water had in fact broken, but I was nowhere near being close to having you.  Dr said they would monitor me overnight, but to get some rest and they would give me pitocin (another thing I will tell you a long way down the road) at 5am.  Get some rest, yea right.  I was so excited, anxious, nervous! Not to mention, we had all rushed to the hospital as soon as my water broke (Mommy, Daddy, PaPa, MawMaw, Uncle Cory, Aunt Kristin, GrandDaddy, and KayKay).  We were too "keyed" up to sleep!

At 5am, they started the pitocin, and the contractions started soon after.  They didn't get really painful until around 11am.  Your Mommy tried to endure the pain as long as she could, but decided to get an epidural (again, LONG way from now) around noon.  The Dr kept checking me throughout the afternoon and every time it felt like it was never going to be time to help you enter the world.  I kept snacking on ice because that's all I was allowed to eat.  I hadn't eaten since that "okay, but not great dinner" and ice cream sandwich before bed.  STARVING!

Around 6pm, the Dr checked everything out and said it was time to start getting ready to deliver.  We were ready! All of the family (except your Daddy) left the room and anxiously waited in the waiting room.  What a great team we were in that room (the nurse, Dr, your Daddy, Mommy, and you).  Your Daddy was such a great coach for Mommy.  He held my hand and counted with me with every push.  He was as ready as I was, I think!  The Dr said at one point I had a vein sticking out in my forehead during the pushing.

After 2 hours of pushing (around 8:30pm), the Dr explained that we could continue trying, but that he thought it would be best if we delivered you through a C-section (LONG way from now).  I was disappointed, but I wanted to do what was best for your delivery.

At exactly, 9:29pm on June 15, you were brought into this world. You were 20 inches long and weighed 5 lbs 10 oz. Hard to believe you were so small because now you are wearing size 4 diapers. You were so tiny that preemie diapers fit you.  I can still remember the first time I saw you.  The Dr held you up so your Daddy and I could see.  You looked just like I had pictured in my mind.  Jet black hair and olive complexion.  It was at that moment that I realized you weren't crying.  I kept asking the Dr why you weren't crying.  Mommy was so worried about you.  Daddy was too, but he was trying to keep his composure for Mommy.  The nurses took you into the other room (Daddy went along) and hooked you up to oxygen.  After 5 minutes you took your first breath and begin to cry.  It was the best sound I had ever heard! The pediatrician later explained that you were probably worn out from the long delivery and all the work you had been doing in the last 24 hours.

Of course, Daddy went and shared the good news with everyone anxiously awaiting in the hospital.  Everyone was so excited and exhausted, just like Daddy, Mommy, and YOU.  But we were so happy to have you join our family.

Ever since that moment, our lives have been forever changed.  You have brought so much joy and happiness into our lives over the past year.  365 days of love, laughter, craziness, changes, etc.  We can't wait to celebrate your special day with you tomorrow.  You have a busy weekend ahead of you, I hope you are ready! ;) Ohhh and if you see Mommy tearing up any tomorrow, I'm not sad.  I'm proud of the little person you are becoming and of how far you have come in just one year.  We love you baby girl!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

11 months old

She is Miss Personality these days as you can see in her 11 month picture.  Lately, I have found myself feeling very nostalgic, proud, excited, and sad all at the same time.  I'm sure any mother can relate to how I am feeling.  Now I know why Mommies cry on their child's first day of school.  I don't even want to think about that right now though.  It's been a busy month for us.  Here is what Reagan is up to these days...

-She loves the outdoors.  Anytime we go near the door, she gets really excited and even grabs the handle when she can reach it.

-Reagan has started making a cute "sniffy" nose.  She did it one day as she was crying and I did it back to her.  Now she will do it sometimes and it makes us laugh.

-She is still wearing size 12 months, some 12-18 month, and 18 month clothes.

-She weighs about 23 lbs and is around 30 inches tall.

-Reagan loves dogs, and she especially loves Hector.  While Hector is still trying to figure out what she is (no really), Reagan lights up every time he comes near her.  Sometimes she will lay her head on him as if she is going to take a little nap on him.

-Just this week, Reagan started leaning forward during her bath and testing out the water with her mouth.  It's the cutest thing to watch.  I think her little pool outside has helped her want to play more in the bath.

-Every night during bath time I sing the ABCs to Reagan and she is starting to "sing" in her own little way with me.  She loves her ABC bath letters.

-Reagan had her first pedi with Mommy for Mother's Day.  She loved the water of course!

-Now that she is 11 months old, we have started transitioning her to regular milk by mixing the formula and milk together.  So far, so good.  Right now she is getting 4 oz of formula and 3 oz of 1% milk.

-Reagan loves waffles for breakfast.  I think she is a carb eater like me! :)

-She is a crawling machine.  She is so hard to catch, I can only imagine what it will be like when she walks.

-Reagan has been saying "buh buh" which is what I call Hector.  She also said "doh" to him the other day.  Now if she will just say "Ma Ma"!

-She is a camera ham! But if you try to video her she will not do what you want to video (i.e. the "sniffy" noise).

Hard to believe that the next time I do a monthly update she will be 1 year old! Time is flying!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Double Digits now!

Just hearing "10 months" makes me have bittersweet feelings.  So proud of her for what all she is doing now, but sad at the same time because she is so close to her 1st birthday.  I know every month I say this, but every month is another exciting time in each phase she goes through.  This month has especially been fun because we had Spring Break as a family, celebrated my 30th birthday, introduced Reagan to the pool, the beach, and the zoo.  While in Savannah, we got to hang out with Reagan's Aunt Kissy and Patrick.  Here is what else she has been up to...



-Reagan is still wearing size 12 months, some 12-18 months.  She has started wearing her fun summer clothes, which I LOVE! Now if we can just keep her cute sandals on...

-She weighs 22 lbs and is around 29 inches or so.

-She has become a pro at crawling.  She has gotten so fast, I almost have to run to keep up with her.  She even laughs sometimes as she is crawling away.  Chad says she got that from him.

-Her latest obsession is playing in Hector's water bowl.  This is one of the places she crawls really fast to and laughs as she is getting there.  We decided to buy a water table for her because she loved playing in the water.  She enjoys her new toy, especially since she enjoys being outside.

-Reagan wants to walk so bad.  I don't know if I am mentally ready for that first step.  She stands so much now and has let go on a few occasions, but drops down soon after letting go.

-She loves baby goldfish! Thank you LG for letting Reagan try some of your goldfish.

-Reagan hates shoes on her feet.  I don't know if it's because she thinks she needs to play with them or what.  My coworker told me her daughter eventually didn't mind having them on.  I hope Reagan outgrows hating shoes eventually.

-She has 8 teeth now (4 on top, 4 on the bottom)

-Reagan celebrated her first Easter last weekend.  She went on her first Easter Egg Hunt, rode on her giraffe toy from Papa and KayKay, and wore her first pair of bunny ears.

It's so hard for us to believe that our princess is already 10 months old.  When they tell you to enjoy every moment, they are not kidding.  It flies by!

When we went for Reagan's 9 month appointment, I got one of the first compliments as a Mommy.  I have those days when I wish I had more patience because I am so tired when I get home from work.  It's not Reagan's fault I am so tired, but I'm not the "fun" Mommy I want to be.  After Dr. Copple had met with us at her appointment, he actually came back into the room a few minutes later and said "You really enjoy being a Mom don't you?" I was kind of taken aback so I asked him what he meant.  He had heard me singing and talking to her while I was getting her redressed.  He said he could just tell in my interactions with her.  Not to mention, I was playing with her on the floor of the Doctor's office.  I know I may not be the perfect Mommy, but at least someone noticed that I enjoy being Reagan's Mommy.  If you are reading this and you have a newborn or any age baby or child, cherish every moment with your child.  Even if you are worn out, can't think straight, etc.  This time is so precious!

Happy 10 months baby girl!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much!  I like to look back sometimes...


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

9 months of FUN!

We've been so busy enjoying our sweet girl that I forgot to post a monthly update. It was a very busy, but fun month! Her first birthday party preparations have begun and we are all so very excited! Here is what Reagan is up to...

-She weighs 21 lbs and is 28 1/2 inches long. She is in the 75-95% for height/weight.

-Reagan is now wearing size 12 month clothes.

-We have an official crawler. She army crawled for about a month and now she is up on all fours ALL the time.

-She is pulling up in her crib, on our legs, on the couch,etc. She LOVES standing.

-Reagan now has 6 teeth (4 on the top and 2 on the bottom).

-She started eating some table foods. She likes ground turkey, veggie burgers, butternut squash, peaches, cheerios, and spaghetti.

-Still no "ma ma", but she is starting to make a "tuh" and a "fuh" sound. She laughs and giggles when I do it back to her.

-Reagan enjoyed her first visit to the park!

-She is growing too fast! She no longer needs to be rocked to sleep or have a bottle before bed. She goes "night night" around 7:30 and gets up around 6:30. Right before bedtime she likes to snuggle in Mommy or Daddy's lap with her "paci" and "blankie". It's her wind down time.

Hard to believe 9 months have already passed! We love you so much baby girl!