Friday, June 29, 2012

1 year old update

Did I really just type that? 1 year old! Even though it's already been 2 weeks since Reagan's 1st birthday, I still cannot believe she is already 1 year old.  Time really goes too fast.  Here is what she is up to as a 1 YEAR OLD...

cooking with Mommy

riding in her new car

sidewalk chalk


Rocking and Reading

Sand play time

Morning Cartoons



Park fun

Loves books!

Water Play

Reagan and I have enjoyed our first month home together this summer.  I can already start to tell that August is going to be hard for the both of us.  At least she will be with some of her little friends at PCA, which will be a lot of fun for her!

Her little personality is really starting to come out.  This month I have learned...

-Reagan loves to eat.  The Dr. said it's not that she is obsessed with food she is just enjoying new tastes and flavors.

-She loves all of her blankies.  She might have 2 in her hand, but you better not think twice about saying one of them is "yours".

-Reagan is addicted to her paci.  My plan for the summer was to try to get her to just using the paci for nap and night time, but as her molars have been coming in, she likes to have the paci for comfort.  Plus, my Mom said it might be best if we just quit it cold turkey when we do take it away.

-I'm starting to see a preview of what the "terrible two's" are going to be like.  Our sweet girl can have a temper sometimes.  Especially now that she wants to be more independent.  We're having to learn what she wants to do herself.

-She can be a little daredevil.  Now that she has two rocking chairs she likes to climb up and stand in them. She also likes to climb onto furniture.

-Reagan likes to cuddle more the older she gets.  Give her a paci and blankie when she is sleepy and she will sit for a long time in your arms.

-We took her to the doctor on June 18 and found out she is 31 inches and weighs 23 lbs.  Far cry from our 5 lb 10 oz baby girl that she was at birth.

-She is saying "dada", "hi", "doh"(dog), 'bubu" (our nickname for Hector is "BuhBuh"), "nana" and "mama".

-No official walking yet, but she stands unassisted for a while.  If I am close by she will take one small step towards me and then fall into my arms.  Yea, I could be upset that she isn't walking yet because some babies her age are walking, but I know every baby develops on their own time.  I know when she starts walking, life will get even busier!

It's been a FUN summer so far and I know even more fun times are ahead...

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